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Imagine you’re in the UK on holiday and you want to get from London to Edinburgh quickly, on a budget. At £35, a 90-minute flight is clearly the best way to go, right? A train would surely take much longer? Wrong. Perhaps you haven’t factored in the time, cost and effort it takes to get to one of London’s far-off airports by train. Or the convenience of arriving by train directly into central Edinburgh, as opposed to taking a taxi from the airport.

Travel route comparison and booking website takes all this into account, giving travelers a comprehensive end-to-end booking option. Naren Shaam’s Berlin based start-up shows that a train/flight/taxi route to Edinburgh would take 4 hours 25 minutes and cost £ 46.69, whereas going by train alone would cost only £5 more, take just as long and be far more convenient.

Founder and CEO of GoEuro, Naren Shaam, 31, a Harvard MBA from Bangalore, moved to Berlin 2012 after leaving a high paying Wall Street job. He got the inspiration for his start-up after traveling around Europe himself. “I’ve traveled to 50 countries and Europe has the best ground transport infrastructure I’ve ever seen” he says “But the consumer experience is fragmented, because each country’s rail and bus services have different systems.” His 55 strong team, comprising 22 nationalities with an average age of 24, crunches data from private and state transport operators to give customers an easy way to plan travel. GoEuro works by providing them with aggregated air, rail, bus and car travel options, allowing them to book their travel – often at a discount – in a bundle. “The airline industry was one of the first to go online” he explains “The 3 letter code for London Heathrow, LHR, is the same anywhere in the world. The ground transport industry hasn’t caught up for 20 years.”

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