Excellent Key Executives at Robin Systems

Premal Buch former vice president of Software Engineering of Altera is the latest addition to the excellent management team of Robin Systems. Cheng Tang, whose background includes tours of duty with Oracle and Cisco, as vice president of Engineering, Sushil Kumar after 15 years with Oracle, as chief marketing officer and Amir Assar coming from IBM as vice president of sales already joined the company.

Robin Systems has also attracted an advisory team with an unparalleled track record, including former Endeca CEO Steve Papa; Anand Rajaraman, founder of Kosmix and Junglee; Eric Baldeschwieler, founder and ex-CEO of HortonWorks; Fred Van Den Bosch, ex-CEO of Librato and ex-CTO of Veritas; Andrew Feldman, ex-CEO of SeaMicro; Manoj Leelanivas, CEO of Cyphort; and Ben Verghese, vice president of Engineering at Illumio.

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