Riccardo Badalone about DRAM economics

In a recent article about DRAM economics Riccardo Badalone, co-founder and CEO of Diablo Technologies, outlines how DRAM plays a surprising role in the high cost of Data Centers.

DRAM has become crucial to getting the necessary performance regarding the new Big Data Center requirements, i.e. vast amount of system memory- generally DRAM. But the price for DRAM modules increases sharply between 16 and 32 GB, and sharper still from 32 GB on the way to 64 GB. The bottom line: DRAM technology is struggling to deliver the capacity and low-energy use that data centers need. As a result, system architects often fill up their motherboard memory module slots with lower-capacity, and thus less expensive, modules. With that kind of economics, it’s cheaper to simply add more servers, despite the added capital and operating expenses.

Identifiying the problem, Badalone already has the solution at hand: flash memory. The outdated claim that flash memory for all its cost advantages is just too slow is no longer sustainable. You can currently buy a product that makes it possible to have four times the memory density as DRAM for a fraction of the cost.

So get ready for the next technology era now!

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