Wayin and EngageSciences are joining forces to redefine marketing campaigns

Amidst the seeming chaos of social media, brands need the ability to discover valuable social media content, the metrics and visualize it. At the same time they need to build and launch campaigns, collect all the data, and use it in CRM and marketing platforms. Until now Wayin and EngageSciences have offered both of these capabilities independently. But that all changes today as the two are announcing a merger. The combination will align Wayin’s real­time social data search and visualization with EngageSciences’ digital campaign delivery and first­-party data collection under the Wayin brand name. Wayin has a renowned customer base as they have worked with ­the Denver Broncos, The Weather Channel and Walgreens. The cofounder of Wayin Sun Microsystems’ Scott McNealy steps down as CEO to become Executive Chairman of the Board, while EngageSciences CEO Richard Jones takes on the CEO role for the merged entity.

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