Diablo & Inspur unleash full Potential of Big Data Applications

By leveraging Diablo’s Memory1 technology to maximize system memory, Inspur servers can now support larger and/or more workloads per server with no changes required to application software. “This is a tailor-made solution for any hyper-scale, web-scale and enterprise-scale data centers looking to cost-effectively scale-out to support a wide variety of in-memory computing and caching workloads,” said Alfie Lew, Senior Solutions Architect at Inspur. The launch of the Inspur Memory1 Server marks the beginning of a long-term strategic partnership from Inspur with Diablo Technologies to jointly develop and market complete solutions that are optimized for various big data applications. “We are proud to bring to market ‘Big Memory for Big Data’ applications with Inspur,” stated Sri Chilukuri, VP of Product Marketing at Diablo Technologies.

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