Parallel Wireless chooses Robin Systems for its Big Data Analytics Solution

Robin Systems, the leading container-based Application-Defined Infrastructure (ADI) software provider, yesterday announced that Parallel Wireless has chosen Robin Cloud Platform to power its Big Data Analytics solution to help global Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) store, analyze, exchange, and manage data from networks, people, processes, and things in fully scalable virtualized environments.

“It is exciting to see Robin Cloud Platform expanding its footprint beyond Big Data and Database use cases and getting adopted for mission-critical NFV solutions,” said Premal Buch, CEO of Robin Systems. “Our work with Parallel Wireless is a true example of ADI in action – they were able to deploy a new use case on the Robin platform, out-of-the-box, and show an App-store like experience and guarantee application QOS without requiring any infrastructure or application tuning.”

We as proud investor say congrats to the Robin Systems team for closing the next partnership within a short period!

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